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Quality Standard

Fulfilling the Commitment to attain the highest standard, PT Yamamoto Keiki Indonesia has been conducting continuous improvement in its constant strive for excellent product and enhancing the skill and technical mastery of employees to match the strictest quality requirement from Yamamoto Keiki Manufacturing, Co. Ltd, Japan. In 1990 the pressure gauge product has been trusted for export market in Japan.

In 1996, Further attainment was achieved with the successful implementation of the JIS B 7505 standard on Bourdon Tube Gauge, as marked by the acquiescence of ID 9617 Certificate. Being in the forefront of advanced calibrating industry in Indonesia, Commencement of ISO/IEC 17025:2005 on Calibrating Laboratory had been taken into effect. This Performance had resulted in the official recognition no. LK025-IDN on December 1, 2001.

Not contented with the existing standardization practice, furthermore the Company has applied the ISO 9001:2008 quality system standard, authorized by BVQI dated October 26, 2001 with certificate no 101677, authenticated by three international institution, i.e. ANSI-RAB, JAS-ANZ and UKAS, and even the implementation of ISO 14001:2004. Having accomplished the consolidation of the four certification standards into “Yamamoto Keiki Indonesia Green Company System”, the Company has commenced the launching of the green marketing concept.