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We are earnestly conducting continuing improvement in developing the human, natural preservation, productivity, quality and punctual delivery, through the “Five Actions (5A’s)”:

  • Developing the human and organization to build the culture and Professionalism.
  • Implementing the Green Company System by combining the fulfillment of industry regulations and requirements, as reflected in the accolade of Company certificates that include the JIS B 7505-1: 2017, JIS Q 1001:2015, ISO / IEC 17025-2017, ISO 9001:2015 dan ISO 14001:2015 .
  • Optimizing the right and efficient resources to ensure the quality and Prevent the occurrence of environmental pollution as well as its substitution efforts.
  • Improving preciseness and accuracy in each process.
  • Providing satisfaction to the customers and related parties though good management and laboratory practices.


The Company has introduced a learning process in building of company culture by adopting the Japanese philosophy on “clean life”, defined as follows:

  • Seiri : Put things in order
  • Seiton : Proper arrangement
  • Seiso : Clean
  • Seiketsu : Purity
  • Shitsuke : Commitment